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Feel free to browse through our archive of past newsletter mailshots (via email) as listed below.

The newsletters are listed in descending order, with the most recent newsletter at the top of the listing.

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Tactile-Studs-Strips-Jul-2017Tactile Paving with Tactile Studs: Tactile Paving Studs and Strips have become an increasingly relevant tool in creating a safer and more inclusive environment. We have been supplying tactile paving for quite some time, but we’ve noted an increased demand for Stainless Steel Tactile Paving Studs & Strips for retrofitting on existing paving.
2017 Jul Newsletter

2016-may-window-sillsWidest Range of Window Sills Ex Stock: We’ve been making precast concrete window sills since 1969.
With almost 50 years experience we have built up an incredible array of profiles to suit every build type… and we can provide speedy delivery to any UK postcode, usually within 3 days on our standard items.
2016 May Newsletter

Wall-Coping-Apr-2016Widest Range of Wall Coping Ex Stock: We’ve been making wall coping since 1969 and have built up an impressive array of styles to suit any project. We can provide speedy delivery to any UK postcode, usually within 3 days on our standard items.
2016 Apr Newsletter


Wall-Coping-Dec-2015Wall Coping Down To A Tee: Wall coping is very much a part of the look and feel of a property and as such, coping choice should be given careful consideration. KPC offer just about the widest selection of wall coping styles and profiles around, so we’re bound to have something for your project.
2015 Dec Newsletter

Padstones-2015-09Avoid Crushing Damage – PadStones: PadStones are one of those things that you will very much regret not using if you intend to install substantial lintels, RSJs or other load-bearing beams and KPC can help you avoid that sinking feeling with a range of off-the-shelf padstones as well as a virtually limitless ability to manufacture custom specified units.
2015 Sep Newsletter

Sefety KerbsEfficient and Cost-effective Drainage: Safety Kerbs from KPC provide excellent capacity to channel excess surface water away from paved areas that may be subject to heavy loads.
In fact, Safety Kerbs from KPC have a load bearing capacity of 40 tonnes, certified under EN 1433:2002.
2015 May Newsletter

Grass BlocksKeep it Eco-Friendly with Grass Blocks: Grass blocks from KPC are the kind of product that afford a win-win situation, with great hard-standing, preventing puddling and rutting on parking areas and access routes and at the same time contributing significantly to your Sustainable Drainage System efforts.
2015 Mar Newsletter

Line DrainageLine Drainage from KPC: ULMA Line Drainage systems from KPC provide a complete system to deal with surface rainwater and channel it away efficiently. We provide systems with load ratings from A15 light pedestrian units to the heavyweight F900 load class.
2015 Feb Newsletter

Steel LintelsLintel Design Service from KPC: KPC’s technical team is uniquely positioned to propose unbiased combinations of concrete and steel which provide the best overall value to both contractor and client.
2015 Jan Newsletter

Christmas 2014Merry Christmas from KPC: As we near the Winter holiday season we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your enquiries and your custom in 2014 and to wish you the the very best for you and your business in 2015
2014 December Newsletter

Steel Bollards MaintenanceSteel Bollards Maintenance: Unfavourable environmental conditions, exacerbated by the absence of a stainless steel bollard maintenance plan may lead to premature ageing. Here are 5 great tips for keeping your stainless steel bollards looking bright and beautiful!
2014 October-November Newsletter

Window Sills and Wall CapsWindow Sills & Wall Caps: Why is it that we constantly receive phone and email enquiries for “special” Sills and Coping? Well, since 1969 our approach to requests for specials has been to give the customer what they want. Small quantities? Unusual dimensions? No problem!
2014 August-September Newsletter

Bus Stop Kerbs BannerBus Stop Kerbs: This product is recently off-patent in the UK and we are therefore happy to quote competitively, and deliver any quantity large or small to any postcode in the UK within 48 hours.
Maybe it’s time you considered making KPC
your next supplier of Bus Stop Kerbs.
2014 June-July Newsletter

LINTELS newsletterLintels: Concrete Lintels, Steel Lintels, Feature Lintels with brick-slip and Qwik-Fix Relieving Angle, even Padstones. We have all of your Masonry Support requirements covered.
2014 April-May Newsletter

Window Sills Newsletter ImageWindow Sills: Precast Concrete, Reconstituted Stone or Natural Stone; Stooled, Non-Stooled and all shapes and sizes… we have the widest range of window sills in Europe. Whatever your build type, block, brick, stone or timber-frame, we have your requirements covered. 2014 March Newsletter

Bollards NewsletterBollards: Precast Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Reconstituted Stone or Natural Stone in all shapes and sizes… we have a wide range of bollards. Whatever area you want to cordon off we have a bollard to suit. 2014 February Newsletter


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Featured Product – Tactile Studs
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Featured Product – Bus Stop
Featured Product – Bollards
  • Durable Elegant Street Seating
    There was a time when only the most high-end commercial and industrial builds were finished to a standard that included good looking landscaping and street furniture. These days we have come to expect more and there is a clear demand for retail, office and industrial premises to be well appointed in this regard. With that … Read more
  • Grass Blocks Road Stabilisation with Drainage
    Grass Blocks have become one of our in demand products over the last few years as more and projects require road stabilisation while maintaining efficient management of surface water. Fore example, here we have a project requiring surface stabilisation to maintain good drainage through the treated area and allow grass to grow through to maintain … Read more
  • Concrete Crash Barriers Are Versatile Safety Barriers
    Concrete Crash Barriers from KPC are substantial, heavy duty road safety barriers. When you need a solid barrier that is both physically sturdy and visually substantial, they offer the perfect solution. They are durable precast concrete units and they feature forklift rebates for easier lifting and positioning. They also feature an interlocking design to allow … Read more

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