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You may freely download any of the brochures on this page. Please contact us if you require any additional information or to arrange purchase and delivery. See our Contact Us page for details.

General Brochure
Providing an overview of the range of KPC products

BIM Models
Access to BIM models for Killeshal concrete products


CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


Privacy / Data Protection

Privacy Policy

Security and Dashcam Video Privacy Policy


Health & Safety / Environmental

National Health & Safety Risk Management Award 2019

Killeshal Precast Concrete Safety Statement

Environmental Policy

Waste Management-Certificate



CE / Declarations of Performance (DOPs)

CE Declaration – Prestressed Lintels

CE Declaration – Reinforced Beams

CE Declaration Fencing Dry Cast Concrete

CE Declaration H Posts 6ft 7ft 8 ft



Building Components Brochures

Steel Lintel Brochure

KPC Anki Chimney System

KPC Keylite Roof Windows

KPC Schiedel Chimney Air

KPC Schiedel Chimney System

KPC Window Sills

Lintels Specification

Stonewrap Brochure

Wall & Pier Coping




Civil and Drainage Brochures

KPC Civil Product Range

KPC Kerb and Gully Range

KPC Bus Stop Kerb

KPC Grass Block

KPC Hyrant Identification

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System Ulma

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System ULMA SystemF

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System ULMA SystemMINI

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System Ulma SystemS

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System ULMA SystemSELF

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System Ulma SystemSPORT

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System ULMA SystemU

KPC Prefabricated Drainage System ULMA SystemUK

KPC ULMA Leaflet

Ulma installations

KPC Polypropylene Line Drainage

KPC Traffic Calming

KPC Water Valve Identification



Decorative Products Brochures

KPC External Decorative

KPC Stainless Steel Bollards

Care and maintenance of stainless steel

KPC Paving Flags and Bricks Range

Natural Stone

KPC Columns and Ballustrades

KPC Fencing Range


Featured Product – Tactile Studs
Featured Product Line: Pier Caps
Featured Product – Bus Stop
Featured Product – Bollards
  • Durable Elegant Street Seating
    There was a time when only the most high-end commercial and industrial builds were finished to a standard that included good looking landscaping and street furniture. These days we have come to expect more and there is a clear demand for retail, office and industrial premises to be well appointed in this regard. With that … Read more
  • Grass Blocks Road Stabilisation with Drainage
    Grass Blocks have become one of our in demand products over the last few years as more and projects require road stabilisation while maintaining efficient management of surface water. Fore example, here we have a project requiring surface stabilisation to maintain good drainage through the treated area and allow grass to grow through to maintain … Read more
  • Concrete Crash Barriers Are Versatile Safety Barriers
    Concrete Crash Barriers from KPC are substantial, heavy duty road safety barriers. When you need a solid barrier that is both physically sturdy and visually substantial, they offer the perfect solution. They are durable precast concrete units and they feature forklift rebates for easier lifting and positioning. They also feature an interlocking design to allow … Read more

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General Brochure

BIM Models