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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Drainage Kerb DuraDrain – Sustainable Solution

DuraDrain Drainage Kerbs
DuraDrain Drainage Kerb from Killeshal is a product that addresses two increasingly significant issues. All exposed surfaces require efficient drainage to prevent flooding and protect the surface integrity. This particular issue is becoming increasingly significant, as the effects of climate change manifest themselves.

The other increasingly significant issue is that there is an ever greater focus on sustainability and environmental concerns and, in particular, the growing problem of plastics in the environment.

DuraDrain, perhaps uniquely, is the kind of product that can address both issues in a single, cleverly designed system for providing efficient and safe drainage for highways, car parks and more. Continue reading

Sloped Channel Drainage Higher Hydraulic Capacity

Sloped Channel Drainage is becoming a necessity to cope with our increasingly wet climate. High hydraulic capacity channel drainage systems are not new to KPC, but we now offer Ulma polymer concrete channel drainage with a built-in 2.5% slope to handle the surface water issues associated with heavy and sustained downpours. Continue reading

Channel Drainage Systems for any Site

Channel Drainage Systems and that old Eurythmics song, Here Comes The Rain Again, frequently come to mind at this time of year. I so often seem to have that song going around my head because even though we’ve just had another wet and wild winter, but you just know the rain will keep falling into April and beyond. And of course, channel drainage systems from KPC come to mind because something will need to handle the resultant surface water, particularly where high capacity or heavy load-bearing drainage channels are required. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Wall Ties Reduce Heat Loss

Eco Friendly Wall Ties available from KPC reduce heat loss in cavity wall constructions. KPC has been providing a range of eco friendly products for some time now. Our grass blocks for example, produce a great hard-standing surface while allowing better surface water drainage and infiltration. On the other hand our eco friendly wall ties product may be something of an unsung hero because when these gfrp wall ties are doing their job… they can no longer be seen. But their efficiency makes them well worth considering for your construction project.

Continue reading

Tactile Paving Studs Convert Existing Paving to Tactile Paving

Convert existing paving to Tactile Paving with Tactile Paving Studs and Strips from KPC UK.

Tactile Paving Studs and Strips allow existing paving to be converted to safer, inclusive Tactile Paving, alerting those with visual impairments to potential hazards like steps and platforms or pedestrian crossings. KPC have been supplying tactile paving for quite some time, but we also offer Tactile Paving Studs and Strips as a solution for retro-fitting into existing paving. Continue reading

Corner Padstones Provide Great Support Options

We have previously outlined here the importance Padstones as an essential component in modern block and brick construction projects, protecting the wall beneath from crushing weight transferred through load-bearing elements above. With architectural designs creating ever more imaginative living and working spaces the demands for appropriate corner padstones to support these new designs has increased dramatically. That’s where KPC can shine… with corner padstones!

Continue reading

Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Coping – How to get it

The power of the internet never fails to amaze me. Even more so, the power of images on the internet. I have often said that we are inherently visual creatures and I am now convinced that we will respond more to what we see than what we read or are told, particularly since seeing some of the responses to one of our website posts which generated numerous requests for Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Coping.

Continue reading

Window Sill Supports with Thermal Isolation

KPC has always been strong on engineered solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our standard building components or to produce new custom components as required. One example of this innovative engineering capacity didn’t require any change in the component in question, but rather a certification test to establish that our GFRP Wall Ties would have sufficient point load strength to function perfectly as Window Sill Supports.

Continue reading

Surface Water Management from Grass Blocks to Storm Drains

Surface Water Management has been taken much more seriously in recent years as knowledge of climate issues has increased. Few would now dispute that we are seeing a period of climate change, but not everyone has a clear understanding of how we could best manage its effects. That’s where KPC can help… with KPC’s range of Surface Water Management products. Continue reading

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