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Killeshal Precast Concrete

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Standard Concrete Kerbs

KPC Standard Concrete Kerbs

KerbsStandard Concrete Kerbs

KPC offer a range of standard concrete kerbs. To ensure consistent and long term performance of our standard range of kerbs and quadrants, KPC uses hydraulic pressing in the manufacturing process throughout the range. All of these products have been developed and refined over nearly fifty years of KPC’s manufacturing history. Our capacity for the production of hydraulically pressed precast concrete products allows us to supply most products on an ex-stock basis.

There are few things that can give a driveway or any development a cleaner, neater and more defined look than precast concrete kerbs. They are very much, the finishing touch that defines any paved area.

KPC precast Kerbs are designed to meet or exceed the relevant standards and they meet the same high standards of strength and performance that characterise all of KPC’s precast concrete range.

We have a range of profiles to suit a variety of application. Contact our technical sales team and benefit from their extensive product knowledge to help you select best concrete kerbs solution for your project.


KPC Standard Concrete Kerbs

  • BS 7263-1 (2001) Precast Concrete Flags, Concrete Kerbs, Channels, Edgings and Quadrants – Part 1: Precast, Unreinforced Concrete Paving Flags & Complementary Fittings – Requirements & Test Methods.
  • IS EN 1340 Concrete Kerb Units – Requirements and Test Methods.
  • IS 146 Precast Concrete Kerbs, Channels, Edgings and Quadrants.


In addition to Precast Concrete Kerbs we also supply kerbing in our range of KPC Natural Stone products.


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