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Engineering Brick

To assist in the installation of our range of Junction Boxes / Service Chambers, we offer an excellent quality Engineering Brick.

Cat 30-50 Engineering Brick

Engineering BrickKPC – UK provide a number of junction Boxes or Service Chambers with a wide range of options for various overall sizes and for various combinations of ports to suit different services.

To extend the installation options and allow to allow for bridging the gap between the top of the box and the finished surface level, we offer a Cat 30/50 engineering brick.

There isn’t a lot that our design engineers and production crews can’t cope with- Call us or email today and let our helpful technical sales staff help you to specify the best solution for your project.


Engineering Brick


  • Can be used for building up manholes
  • Can be used internally for generator rooms
  • Manufactured in a controlled environment
  • Very low occurence of efflorescence
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Low wastage levels
  • Frost resistant


Cat 30-50 Engineering Brick

We also offer Class B Engineering Brick in 215 x 102 x 65mm units.
Engineering Brick


  • Typically compressive strength of ≥50 MPa
  • 2.85kg approx. per brick
  • Manufactured to EN 771-3
  • Hydraulically pressed semi-dry concrete


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