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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Drainage Kerbs

KPC Concrete Drainage Kerbs

KPC Civil and Drainage Brochure - Concrete drainage kerbsKPC Concrete Drainage Kerbs

Safety Kerbs are more substantial units than channel kerbs and feature an integral slot and drainage channel. The safety kerb can be used in tandem with KPC Inspection Boxes and/ or KPC Silt Boxes to provide an overall solution.

The Inspection Box follows the same dimensions as the safety kerb but has a wider opening on the topside and includes a solid cover.

Key design features include:

Drainage Kerbs

  • The Inspection Box allows access for observation
  • Usually once per every 10-20 safety kerbs
  • The Silt Box is an almost square unit
  • Includes a cast iron lid and provides easy access for cleaning purposes
  • The silt box usually appears at corners or at junctions where safety kerbs intersect.


Mould NoDescriptionDimensions
K 195DRAINAGE KERB254 x 116 x 300mm
K 208SILT BOX620 x 410 x 250 mm
K 207INSPECTION BOX250 x 255 x 914 mm
K 117DBK SAFETY KERBS248 x 248 x 914 mm
K 117bDBM SAFETY KERB WITH STEEL248 x 248 x 914 mm
K 156SPECIAL DRAINAGE KERB460 x 70 x 400 mm



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