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Precast Concrete | nationwide delivery

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Precast Concrete Window Sills

Fast shipping of precast concrete Window Sills to any UK Postcode!
Precast Concrete Window Sills
Precast Concrete Window Sills

KPC has been manufacturing precast concrete window sills almost since its humble beginnings the late 1960’s. Whether you require bay sills, corner sills or wide face sills, we can offer you a solution that will suit your needs.

In fact, we think you’ll agree that we have one of the largest ranges of precast concrete window sills in the whole of Europe.


Precast Concrete Window Sills

Key Features

Precast Concrete Window Sills

  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 5642-1:1978+A1:2014.
  • Widest range of window sills in Europe
  • Options for Concrete, Natural Stone and Reconstituted Stone
  • Sills to suit Blockwork, Stone, Brick and Timber-frame builds
  • Matching String Course available for many units
  • Fast delivery throughout the UK on standard units

 KPC recommend you refer to Eurocode 6 for masonry structure design guidance.


Architectural precast concrete window sills (or by the alternative spelling, “cills”) and reconstituted cast stone sills form the lowest horizontal part of window openings and perform both structural and aesthetic functions.

Window sills provide the structural seating for window frames which prevents water ingress, and they are sloped outward to direct rainwater water away from the window frame. Window sills come complete with water drip channels on their undersides, to prevent mortar erosion and staining of the outer leaf material.


Reconstituted Cast Stone Window Sills

KPC offers one of the widest ranges of window sills in Europe, and are best placed on the UK market to offer suitable profiles for a range of outer leaf materials such as exposed brickwork, rendered block work, natural stone and stone cladding, as well as for both timber frame structural frames and traditional masonry construction.


Precast Concrete Window Sills delivery direct to site anywhere in the UK
with fast shipping on standard units.

  • We have built up a product range that cannot be matched by any of our competitors.
  • We offer bespoke designs for one-off prestige projects or for any other reason that may arise.
  • We are one of the first precast concrete manufacturers in the the UK and Ireland to design a non-stooled window sill specifically for timber frame construction.


Standards:Precast Concrete Window Sills
IS 89-1:1981 Window Sills
BS 5642-1:1978+A1:2014 Sills, Copings And Cappings – Specification for Precast Concrete Window Sills, Cast Stone, Clayware, Slate and Natural Stone

Click the image on the left to see a small sample indicative of our large range of profiles.

Specification of Precast Concrete Window Sills

Stooled Window SilThe most important piece of information to know when specifying window sills is the placement of the window frame relative to the outer leaf material. This, together with the desired overhang relative to the outer face, determines the width of the sill you require. The other critical dimension is the face depth of the sill required to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Stooled window sills are normally used to complement exposed brickwork on the outer leaf, whereas non-stooled sills are usually the preferred choice for every other outer leaf material.


When specifying the length of the window sill, we normally allow for at least 75mm seating on each side of the opening, so use (Opening Width + 150mm) as a rule of thumb.

Many of our window sill profiles are compatible with our precast concrete and cast stone string course profiles. Please ask our experienced and helpful technical professionals for specification guidance.


Please note- Sills up to 1200mm in length will carry a reduced transport cost relative to those longer than1200mm. For those sills above this length we recommend reducing transport costs by ordering the equivalent required length in shorter sills and using a product such as MatchCrete (click here for information) to joint the sill lengths. MatchCrete is our recommended product for this purpose and will give a non-shrink, waterproof and colour-matched joint.


A Selection of our Precast Concrete Window Sills

One of our most requested sills is our “Type H” (Click thumbnail to view)


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