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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Seating from Killeshal
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Cima represents part of a quality, middle-range family of street furniture elements which is characterised by its minimalist style. Variations with and without backrests can be customised with laser cut lettering or logos, and the oiled Sapele hardwood slats help to soften the furniture into the landscape.

The steel elements are galvanised and powder coated in a range of RAL colour options.

City Design Street Seating

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An extremely fashionable choice at the moment, especially in parkland and artistic environments, Corten steel benches can be supplied with bins, bollards and signage which is complementary stylistically. This collection is a great choice for higher end, design-led projects such as university campuses, public squares and tourist trails.

The advantage with Corten steel is that it is pre-weathered, requires even less maintenance than stainless steel and looks equally well in rain or sunshine.


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The cross motif which characterises the cast aluminium ends of the Urbis benches evokes and complements a classical style of architecture, which makes Urbis excellent candidates for use in urban conservation areas.

Urbis is available in configurations with and without backrest, and may be complemented by the Urbis bin which follows the same design language as the seating.

74.080 Urbis Seat with Backrest

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Angel is a range of seating which is particularly suited to the Irish climate. Available complete with backrest or without, as well as in a curved configuration, the round steel laths shed rainwater quickly and are finished with polymer end-caps.

Sweeping, light and elegantly formed, and available either in 304 stainless or galvanised and powder coated mild steel, Angel will enhance any streetscape

74.106 Angel Seat with Backrest

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City Station

City Station is a high end double seat in 304 stainless steel, designed and configured for high traffic areas such as airports, train and bus stations. A high end option, City Station is designed with style in mind.

Equally, it is a practical choice because it is low maintenance, easy to clean around, secure and constructed to last.

City Station Seat




Defined by an elegant, serpentine form and high backs, Flow seating is capable of defining spaces and delivering visual impact, whilst also providing a degree of shelter against cross winds.

This is a highly customisable style of furniture with backless options, curved versions and variations in the height of backrest all available.

City Design Street Seating Flow Seat with High Backrest

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Mars – Venus

Mars and Venus are great benches for general application in highly trafficked areas such as playgrounds and educational campuses.

Combinations of straight and curved sections offer the designer scope to use these benches to define spaces and the direct human traffic flow.

Mars Bench

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City Park

A period style family of straight and curved benches with painted cast aluminium frame and finish exotic hardwood laths, City Park complements Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian architectural styles

City Park Seating is particularly suited to urban parkland environments.

City Park Seat Straight

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Our highest selling bench, Erne is excellent value and great for general purpose applications, like schools and medium priority streetscape upgrades.

Well finished, chunky and modern, Erne is highly valued by contractors in situations where budget is important.


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A simple bench comprised of rolled tubular steel ends which are galvanised, primed and painted and timber slats which are treated with fungicide, insecticide and moisture repellent.

Fixing in position is achieved via small baseplates.





Avon is another bench which is designed to suit a tight budget.

A simple frame of steel with black baked enamel paint is dressed with 40mm thick exotic hardwood timber boards.





Shannon is a superb modern seat, which is available in a range of frame options and represents excellent value for money.

Minimalist in style and hard wearing, it has proven very popular on school projects in recent times.


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The Brosna bench is comprised of a ductile iron frame which is primed and painted with holes provided in the feet for screw fixing the unit in place.

It features tropical hardwood timber slats treated with insecticide, fungicide and water repellent.




Another popular bench with a modern style, Thames is characterised by its welded galvanised steel frame which gives a visual effect of lightness which belies its robust construction.



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Cladagh is a bench of character, with heavy profile cast iron ends and central reinforcement bar.

Suited in style to complement anything from a village green to urban regeneration project, there is a timeless and versatile quality to this seat.




One of our few benches to feature armrests, Severn has a ductile iron frame which is primed and painted and dressed with robust 70mm hardwood boards.

Fixing is achieved by means of screwing the seat to the substrate via holes integrated in the feet.




With a cast iron frame which is evocative of the Art Nouveau movement, one can imagine Dodder being successfully deployed in mature parkland, or in urban settings of distinction and heritage.

This double seat can be fixed directly to the substrate via screw holes provided in the feet.



Killeshal’s elegant Cast Stone street seating ranges create clean uncluttered looks and are manufactured with a polished granite concrete finish. Features on various units include top quality hardwoods for seating lats and matte stainless steel supports.

Star Bench

The Star Bench is a fine example of architectural cast stone street seating.

These elegant seats are available in buff or white reconstituted granite and sits well in even the most high-end surroundings with its distinctive star shape.

The Star Bench units are substantial and free-standing with no supports required and are equally suited to a paved urban concourse or park-lands.

Reconstituted Granite Cast Stone Seating

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Ela Seat with Backrest

The Ela cast stone street seating range features a precast reinforced waterproof white concrete seat with a backrest. Matte stainless steel structure. Recommended anchoring: free-standing. The Ela is available as a bench without wood seating and with a seat without backrest.

110 x 35 mm tropical wood slats, which have been treated with Lignus, a fungicide, insecticide and waterproofing agent. Natural colour finish.

Ela Bench with Backrest

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Kube Seat with Backrest

Pre-cast exposed fine grade aggregate creates a smooth tactile finish.
May be positioned individually or in groups.

Recommended anchoring: free-standing.

110 x 35 mm tropical wood slats, which have been treated with Lignus, a fungicide, insecticide and waterproofing agent.
Natural colour finish.

Kube Seat with Backrest

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