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Killeshal Precast Concrete

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Security Fencing

security fencing

KPC Security Fencing

Security FencingKPC have been supplying a simple, cost effective security fencing system for many years. The system’s key feature is the bent arm design of the posts. The bent arms accommodate barbed wire, razor wire or plain wire.

KPC’s Security Fencing System uses posts made from precast concrete, providing a perimeter fence that is not only secure, but low maintenance and very durable. KPC Security Fencing system is relatively quick to install. Strainer posts, used at every internal or external corner, aided by two support Struts, maintain tensile pressure on the wire and chainlink. Intermittent posts, known as Inters, maintain the linear orientation of the wire and chainlink.

Installing a KPC Security Fencing system with chainlink wire mesh also fulfils another recommended function for security purposes-

Fence design should adequately address security through a high level of transparency to allow for surveillance.

  • 3110mm x 125mm x 125mm B/Arm Inter
  • 3110mm x 150mm x 150mm B/Arm Strainer
  • 2590mm x 110mm x 100mm Strut
  • 3450mm x 125mm x 125mm B/Arm Inter
  • 3450mm x 150mm x 150mm B/Arm Strainer
  • 2996mm x 110mm x 100mm Strut
  • 3050mm x 160mm x 180mm B/Arm Corner Post

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