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Killeshal Precast Concrete

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Stonewrap Cladding

Stonewrap Cladding BrochureKPC Stonewrap Cladding

KPC are pleased to offer Stonewrap Cladding, one of the most innovative and increasingly popular cladding / veneer systems in Europe.

Stonewrap Manufactured Stone has several advantages over natural stone, it is lighter and easier to work with than natural stone and it comes in a wide range of finishes and colours to suit any location, interior or exterior.

We have on offer a number of different stonewrap cladding styles and colours for both internal and external applications. Please feel free to download the PDF brochure for further details about KPC’s stone cladding or contact a member of staff.

Important!- Installation Notes

  • StoneWrap Stone Cladding must be applied to a suitably prepared surface.
  • In particular, for walls with an external face (regardless of which face is to be stonewrapped) great care should be taken to ensure that the wall is properly sealed against water seepage and a scratch-coat applied.
  • Select and mix the pieces from 3-5 boxes at a time to ensure a consistent spread of colour, shade and texture.

 For further advice contact our technical sales team.

Stonewrap Cladding Information and Installation Guide

The video here gives an overview of the benefits and advantages as well as some helpful advice on installation of this product. If you would like more information on styles and colours available, please contact our technical sales team. They will be happy to advise you in selecting the best option for your project.

We have Stone Wrap in a style and colour to suit every requirement. If you’re unsure about how best to match the right style and colour for your requirements just call our experienced staff and they will be happy to advise.


If you would like to know more about our products and delivery services please contact us by phone on 0800 0393367 or by email at or you may use the contact form below.


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