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Killeshal Precast Concrete

KPC Concrete PadstonesKPC Concrete Padstones

KPC have been offering standard, corner and even custom concrete padstones for some years now. This means we have built up the experience and know-how to help you to support any given project KPC padstones are stronger than a conventional masonry block, in fact, at KPC we manufacture our Padstones with a 40N/Sq mm concrete mix.

The weight carried by lintels joists and RSJs is transferred to the blockwork beneath and this can apply a crushing, potentially damaging force to the blocks at the point of the load transfer. Concrete Padstones from KPC serve to distribute this weight safely and more efficiently through the blockwork, reducing the potential for cracks and structural failure. We supply a broad range of concrete padstones (as listed below) to suit a variety of applications. The standard sizes as listed are available ex-stock, but of course, we are more than happy to discuss custom requirements. Our technical team will be happy to provide any advice and help with concrete padstone design and specification for your requirements.

Key Features for KPC Padstones

Concrete Padstones

  • Simple to use – bed in place just like blocks
  • Readily available – no need to cast in-situ
  • Reduced labour costs through no on-site casting
  • Tough 40N/Sq mm concrete material
  • Reduces the risk of lintel load transfers crushing blockwork
  • Various standard sizes available ex-stock
  • Custom requirements catered for

Concrete Padstones are essential not just in new builds, but also in renovations and remodelling work where beams are used to carry the load of removed structural/load-bearing elements (see more here ). They can be made to any size and specification but our standard units (ex-stock) for both regular and corner units are available in the following sizes:

standard padstones unit Padstone Corner Unit

Length L1Length L2Height HWidth W
450mm –215mm100mm
450mm –215mm140mm
450mm –215mm190mm
450mm –215mm215mm
665mm –215mm100mm
665mm –215mm140mm
665mm –215mm190mm
665mm –215mm215mm
900mm –215mm100mm
900mm –215mm140mm
900mm –215mm190mm
900mm –215mm215mm
440mm 440mm215mm100mm
440mm 440mm215mm140mm
440mm 440mm215mm190mm
440mm 440mm215mm215mm


Modern architecture trends are producing ambitious designs that create stunning and innovative living and working spaces. This places greater demands on the construction methods and building components used to realise those designs.

With ever more imaginative architectural designs creating new demands for the size, shape and configuration of lintels and RSJ beams, you need to ensure that you can get the appropriate padstone to support your design. KPC can help with custom concrete padstones.

KPC can deliver the optimum padstone for your needs at the right time and at the most reasonable price. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll assist you with getting the appropriately dimensioned pad-stones to fit your requirements.


If you would like to know more about our products and delivery services please contact us by phone on 0800 0393367 or by email at or you may use the contact form below.

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