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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Channel Drainage – Here Comes The Rain Again

Once again we’ve had a year where our little corner of the world has had what at least feels like an unfair amount of rain… ok that’s typical for British and Irish summers. But as we face into another wet and wild winter, we really should be planning to ensure that we can handle the resultant surface water, particularly where high capacity or heavy load-bearing drainage channels are required. Continue reading

Window Sills – The Finishing Touches

There are buildings which suit an ultra-minimalist design aesthetic, with long and unbroken lines. But I’ve always thought that if a building doesn’t have a few particular finishing touches… well it just seems a little under-dressed and incomplete. Among those finishing touches for me are Windows Sills. Continue reading

Kerbs and Gullies and the Romans

“What have the Romans ever done for us?” Well, Kerbs and Gullies make for better roads and in more ways than one they define them.

I have long been fascinated with the great Roman roadways and I can’t help but remember with a silly smirk or two, that scene in Monthy Python’s Life of Brian on the pros and cons of the “Roman Imperialist State”. If you’re a Pythons fan you’ll remember John Cleese’s frustration in saying “Well, yeah. Obviously the roads. I mean, the roads go without saying, don’t they?” Continue reading

Get It Right With Padstones

Padstones are one of those things that you will very much regret not using if you intend to install substantial lintels, RSJs or other load-bearing components. KPC can help you get it right first-time with Padstone. Continue reading

Dress Well with Precast Wall Caps

I am constantly amazed at the sheer variety of precast wall caps available to add that finishing touch to a build project and I do take a degree of pride in the range of wall coping that we have available here at KPC. We have quite a wide range of coping profiles and designs available as standard, but if for some reason you can’t find exactly the design you’re looking for or you just want something a little special… we even do bespoke designs. Continue reading

Steel Bollards for Stylish Simplicity

You would be forgiven in the past for thinking that bollards were either quite expensive and ornate ductile iron specimens or something altogether more rough and ready. But the truth today is that there is an incredible variety of steel bollards and KPC can supply them to suit just about any installation. Continue reading

Line Drainage for Modern Living

We all love space… and lots of it. Today’s urban spaces give witness to our ever increasing desire to engage with each other and do business in more open spaces. One critical requirement for modern streets and commercial or amenity spaces is the efficient operation of Line Drainage… like ULMA Line Drainage systems from KPC. Continue reading

Grass Blocks – Eco-friendly Hard Standing

Striking a balance between what we’d like to have and what we know is good for us is not always easy. The same rings true for adapting our environment to our needs. But, when it comes to providing “hard standing” in an eco-friendly manner or “eco-parking” if you will, then Grass Blocks from KPC make it easy.

Continue reading

Steel Lintels for Architectural Versatility

Architecture today faces the demands of an increasingly sophisticated public. For civic, commercial and domestic builds alike, customers want ever more daring designs that stretch conventional structural and aesthetic design limits. Where can you turn to satisfy these demands? Steel Lintels from KPC.

Continue reading

Precast Traffic Management Kerbs for the eCommerce Era

Traffic has increased exponentially over the last few decades. It’s not just the volume that has increased either, the average size of vehicles seems to have mushroomed. Bigger vehicles on the roads in such large numbers means great care must be taken to ensure that products like KPC’s Precast Traffic Management Kerbs are in place as required. Continue reading

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