Don't be crushed- with Padstones from KPC UK
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Get It Right and Avoid Crushing Damage
With Padstones from KPC UK
Standard and corner units available ex-stock - custom on request
PadStones are one of those things that you will very much regret not using if you intend to install substantial lintels, RSJs or other load-bearing beams and KPC can help you avoid that sinking feeling with a range of off-the-shelf padstones as well as a virtually limitless ability to manufacture custom specified units.
Simple cost-effective way to
avoid potentially expensive damage
  • Simple to use – bed in place just like blocks
  • Readily available – no need to cast in-situ
  • Reduced labour costs through no on-site casting
  • Tough 40N/Sq mm concrete material
  • Reduces the risk of lintel load transfers crushing blockwork
Standard units ex-stock
Custom specified units made to order
Length L1 Length L2 Height H Width W
450mm  - 215mm 100mm
450mm  - 215mm 140mm
450mm  - 215mm 190mm
450mm  - 215mm 215mm
665mm  - 215mm 100mm
665mm  - 215mm 140mm
665mm  - 215mm 190mm
665mm  - 215mm 215mm
900mm  - 215mm 100mm
900mm  - 215mm 140mm
900mm  - 215mm 190mm
900mm  - 215mm 215mm
440mm  440mm 215mm 100mm
440mm  440mm 215mm 140mm
440mm  440mm 215mm 190mm
440mm  440mm 215mm 215mm
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The damage that can occur in blockwork where padstones were required but omitted can be substantial and costly. When you consider that for the most part, damage in the form of cracking and crushing of the blockwork often won’t become evident until after a good deal more construction has been completed.
In fact, you could be faced with remedial works that involve the disruption, time and expense of breaking into a potentially finished build to install what would have been an inexpensive component had it been installed initially.
If you're interested in PadStones
you may be interested in KPC's Lintels
With the most advanced lintel bed production facility in place, thirty years’ experience in lintel production and a supply chain management system that is second to none, KPC can deliver the optimum product at the right time and at the most reasonable price. It is also important to note that many of our lintels are certified to the relevant international standards and those that are not, can be certified.
  • Pre-stressed lintels
  • Reinforced precast concrete lintels
  • Steel lintels
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