Keep it safe and Eco-Friendly with Grass Blocks from KPC UK
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Efficient and Cost-effective Drainage
with Safety Kerbs from KPC UK
50% less costly than equivalent polymer systems with ductile lids
Safety Kerbs from KPC provide excellent capacity to channel excess surface water away from paved areas that may be subject to heavy loads.
In fact, Safety Kerbs from KPC have a load bearing capacity of 40 tonnes, certified under EN 1433:2002 (Drainage Channels for Vehicular and Pedestrian area).
KPC's  Safety Kerbs are tested to
EN 1433:2002 (Drainage Channels for Vehicular and Pedestrian area).

With a resultant certified load bearing capacity of 40 tonnes, this makes them ideal candidates for areas such as car parks, loading bays and other areas subject to heavy goods vehicles.

This means you can happily fulfil your requirements for a Sustainable Drainage System and create an area that provides puddle-free car-parking, pedestrian and vehicle access and more.

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Stormwater Management Systems
Infiltration & Attenuation Crates
To compliment our excellent drainage channel solutions KPC can also offer solutions for easy-install high capacity infiltration and attenuation systems. Suitable even for storm-water management, we can supply a range of attenuation and infiltration crates and accessories.
The benefits of these systems clear.
  • Prevents peak ows to main drainage and surface water systems
  • Rainwater is "cleaned" by geotextile surround
  • Decreases inconvenience of ooding during heavy rain falls
  • Promotes balance in the groundwater position
  • Decreases environment problems caused by development
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