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At KPC we have all your masonry supports covered.

Concrete Lintels
With the most advanced lintel bed production facility in place and thirty years’ experience in lintel production KPC can deliver the optimum product to suit any job.  

Regardless of size or quantity we are confident that we can manufacture lintels to suit your budget.  

It is also important to note that our lintels are certified to the relevant international standards, bespoke sizes can also be certified.

In addition to our wide range of lintels KPC also offer a wide range of Pad-stones to match. A KPC padstone is stronger than a masonry block and serves to distribute weight more efficiently through the blockwork, preventing cracks and structural failure.
Our technical team will provide the necessary advice when it comes to padstone design and specification. 

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Steel Lintels
A modern and comprehensive standard range of Keystone quality steel lintels has been developed over many years to fulfil your requirements.

Our technical team at KPC have an excellent relationship with the keystone team, having already worked closely with Keystone to develop the the
Qwik-Fix Masonry Support System.
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Brick Slip Lintels
Brick Slip Feature Steel Lintels are a one piece prefabricated unit, manufactured bespoke to order, achieving even the most challenging architectural designs.
Our partner, Keystone provides a technically advanced solution for an extensive range of brick slip installations. Produced off site as a one piece prefabricated unit, the patented Keystone system ensures maximum performance thanks to the unique adhesion process.

  • Precision cut bricks
  • Load bearing lintel
  • Lightweight for fast build programmes
  • Optional brick clad soffit
  • Optional centre stone feature
  • Optional Insulation
  • Various shapes available

We use a consignment of the brick being used on site. This brick is then tailored to suit the client’s design and fixed to Keystone’s galvanised and powder coated structural steel elements.

As illustrated the finished Brick Slip Feature Lintel joins seamlessly with the rest of the construction.

We can also work with you to engineer solutions to your unique requirements and develop Custom Designs – from Gothic Arch to Porthole and Bay Lintels.

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Fast Delivery, Great Price

Standard sizes for all products are available ex stock for delivery within 48 hours.  Our prices are more than competitive and teamed with the expertise of our team you get the best solution for the best price. 

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Talk to us today about any of your building needs or check out for our full range of products. 

Our sales team has been trained to advise you of any technical detailing required, guaranteeing you the optimum system at the most reasonable price achievable. Contact the team by phone on 0800 0393367, on email at 
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