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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Pier Caps – Protective And Decorative

When you want to protect your property and your investment therein, you shouldn’t have to make a priority choice between style and function. With KPC’s Precast concrete Pier Caps you can have it all in a style that suits you, in precast concrete or cast stone.

Precast Concrete Pier Caps Protect and Decorate

KPC have been making precast concrete pier caps (and wall coping) for decades, so we know a thing or two about them. The use of pier caps goes back centuries and even from some of the earliest Romanesque examples, it had a dual purpose of both style and function.

With regard to function, KPC’s precast concrete pier caps are designed to protect the integrity of the pier masonry or block-work by deflecting rainwater away from the pier through a combination of their sloped top surfaces and the drip channels on their under-sides which prevent water that is shed from the top from creeping along to the pier face. This helps to prevent staining of the pier face.

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With regard to style… we think we have it well covered. Whatever the architectural style of your property we are sure that you’ll find something to suit within our wide range of precast concrete pier caps.

But, if you have a particularly unique set of requirements, we will happily work with you to create a bespoke solution.

 A choice of materials – Precast Concrete or Cast Stone

If you would prefer a more prestigious look, consider our Cast Stone alternatives. Essentially, anything we have or that can be created in precast concrete can also be made in cast stone (or “reconstituted stone”) and will provide many years of weather resistant beauty, finishing off your property in functional elegance.

Talk to the experienced and professional technical sales team here at KPC, they are on hand to offer advice and guidance, where necessary, to ensure that you get the pier cap you want.

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