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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Custom Sleeping Policemen

I really can’t overstate KPC’s ability to accommodate off-standard design. If you need a particular component made up or modified to suit your particular requirements we can help in engineering a solution and providing the precast concrete components that you need. Continue reading

Duct Channels and Duct Covers

Superior Utility Protection From KPC

Duct channels and duct covers are an essential part of so many civil engineering projects today. The protection of utility lines has to be ensured both to eliminate the cost of avoidable wear and damage repair and to safeguard against hazards such as electrocution. One example of this kind of major project is the city light rail system for which we supplied many miles of custom duct channels and duct covers.

Continue reading

KPC – Engineered Solutions

You only have to look at the aerial photo of the KPC facility to realise that this is not a small scale operation. We’ve been in this business for a long time now- since 1969 in fact. And you don’t make it through a couple of recessions without learning to grow and develop in the right directions. Continue reading

We Deliver – Padstones!

There’s a temptation at times to go for the headline stories- but that’s human nature I suppose. Its very easy to get caught up in the big achievements and in doing so, miss the “big message”. So, here’s one story that encapsulates one of our core values here at KPC, namely, “We Deliver!”. If you really need it… even just a couple of padstones… we’ll really deliver it. Continue reading

Essex Here We Come!

The lorry is loaded and ready to go… and another is about to be loaded to follow later.

It takes a lot to win out over the competition in this business, but thanks to the ability to provide a large range of construction materials ex-stock (with minimal lead time on even custom specifications) and our ability to get quickly to anywhere in the UK with anything from a pallet or two right up to multiple lorry loads, KPC wins out time and again. Continue reading

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