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Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Coping – How to get it

The power of the internet never fails to amaze me. Even more so, the power of images on the internet. I have often said that we are inherently visual creatures and I am now convinced that we will respond more to what we see than what we read or are told, particularly since seeing some of the responses to one of our website posts which generated numerous requests for Terracotta Style Wall and Pier Coping.

As part of our continuing promotion for one of KPC’s best selling lines, wall and pier coping, we created a post which happened to have a photo that was chosen to clearly illustrate the clean and elegant lines of one of our basic pier caps, there was nothing specific to terracotta style wall and pier coping about the image, or so I thought.

In fact, I thought it was a particularly suitable image because it featured a gateway to a house with a neat drive way, white gate piers and contrasting terracotta pier coping… and that’s where all simplicity in life ended.

terracotta style wall and pier coping

We were genuinely surprised with the level of contact we received from customers looking to order our fantastic terracotta pier coping.

This confused the guys in Sales to no end and until we realized what was happening, the conversation generally ran like something out of a Monty Python sketch – It’s best if you picture Michael Palin and John Cleese here.

Customer: “Hi I’d like to order some of your terracotta style wall and pier coping.”

KPC Sales: “I’m sorry, what terracotta pier coping, we don’t actually do any terracotta products. We specialise in durable concrete products.”

Customer: Yes you do, it’s on your website, I saw it there myself!”

KPC Sales: “I’m really sorry, but you must be confusing our website with that of another company…”.

…and so it continued in a Mothy-Python-esque dead parrot style conversation.

Eventually, we realized that the image I had chosen to illustrate our pier coping in a previous post was at the root of the problem. I had thought that the contrasting-coloured “terracotta style wall & pier coping” in the image was perfect to emphasise the product but instead, it was somewhat misleading. Obviously to me, it wasn’t actually terracotta coping, but in fact, our standard KPC precast concrete wall & Pier coping, nicely painted in a terracotta colour (an exterior emulsion colour called Fox Fire, to be precise). But the effect was to transform standard precast concrete coping stones into something that looked like bespoke terracotta style wall & pier coping.


So there you have it, our secret’s out 🙂

If you would like some of KPC’s fantastic “bespoke” terracotta style wall & Pier coping, just order any of our standard durable precast concrete coping and paint it up with a good exterior emulsion in a terracotta colour.

Contact our team at KPC to see how Precast Concrete Wall and Pier Coping from KPC can top off a boundary with style.

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