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Killeshal Precast Concrete

Get It Right With Padstones

Padstones are one of those things that you will very much regret not using if you intend to install substantial lintels, RSJs or other load-bearing components. KPC can help you get it right first-time with Padstone.
Hindsight has a habit of emphasising with great clarity, exactly what we should have done after we have made some terrible mistake. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the remedial efforts any easier. So, the only way to prevent that sinking feeling you get when you realise what you should have done is to try your best to get it right up front and if you must err… well, err on the side of caution.

Padstones are one of those things that you will very much regret not using if you intend to install substantial lintels, RSJs or other load-bearing beams and KPC can help you avoid that sinking feeling with a range of off-the-shelf padstones as well as a virtually limitless ability to manufacture custom specified units.

Damage without padstones

Just about every structure will involve the use of lintels, RSJs or some other components in a load-bearing capacity. And unless there is virtually nothing being loaded on top of this, you really should be using a padstone to ensure that the weight of the unit and anything above it is properly transferred and distributed through the blockwork.

RSJ supported by Padstone


The damage that can occur in blockwork where padstones were required but omitted can be substantial and costly. When you consider that for the most part, damage in the form of cracking and crushing of the blockwork often won’t become evident until after a good deal more construction has been completed.

In fact, you could be faced with remedial works that involve the disruption, time and expense of breaking into a potentially finished build to install what would have been an inexpensive component had it been installed initially.

KPC supply a number of standard sized Padstones ex-stock, including the very handy corner units, but as I mentioned above, we can also produce Padstones to your specific requirements. If you can supply dimensions and have a chat with our engineers about what’s to be loaded on top, we can help ensure that you get just the right padstones.


Our standard units (ex-stock) for both regular and corner units are available in the following sizes:

Padstone Corner Unit

Length L1Length L2Height HWidth W
450mm –215mm100mm
450mm –215mm140mm
450mm –215mm190mm
450mm –215mm215mm
665mm –215mm100mm
665mm –215mm140mm
665mm –215mm190mm
665mm –215mm215mm
900mm –215mm100mm
900mm –215mm140mm
900mm –215mm190mm
900mm –215mm215mm
440mm 440mm215mm100mm
440mm 440mm215mm140mm
440mm 440mm215mm190mm
440mm 440mm215mm215mm


Contact our KPC technical sales team to see how precast concrete Padstones from KPC can provide better concrete structural support and help you get it right for your project. Click here for our Padstones page.

Contact us by phone or email and see how we can meet your needs for construction materials. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. See our Contact Us page for contact information.PPC-KPC-UK

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