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Killeshal Precast Concrete

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Storm Drain System

StormDrain Brochure StormDrain High Capacity Surface Water Drainage

Stormdrain is manufactured using Long Fibre Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC), so these stormdrain channels provide an excellent solution for storm water management and high capacity surface water drainage, making them ideal for surface water management projects in our climate.

  • The nature of the long fibre GRC material used to produce these stormdrain units gives them greater strength to weight ratios and enhanced resistance to damage.
  • High Capacity allows StormDrain to be laid level.
  • The high capacity of also aids the design of schemes that require attenuation.
  • Longer channel runs, reduced underground pipe work and excavation, reduce site costs.
  • These single units make for a quick and simple installation.
  • Stainless Steel Slotted top gives a neat appearance with no lids or gratings to install and maintain.
  • The benefits of Glass-fibre Reinforced concrete include resistance to frost, chemical attack, and road salts.
  • Full range of accessories available including access ports, silt pits and transition units.
  • Easily adapted to different load classes and surface finishes.

The width of the slot on StormDrain units is 12mm

Our sales team has been trained to advise you of any technical detailing required, guaranteeing you the optimum system at the most reasonable price achievable. Contact the team by phone on 0800 0393367, on email at

Polypropylene Line DrainageIn addition to our StormDrain systems we also offer a low cost plastic channel drainage system for lighter use, pictured below (click here for Polypropylene Line Drainage details).

We also supply the complete range of ULMA Line Drainage Systems (click here for ULMA Line Drainage details). For more information please contact our sales team.

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